Friday, 19 March 2010

Global Casting.....


was a global casting campaign in order to find 'normal people' to model for them. All you had to do was to upload pictures, videos of yourself and see if people liked you, anybody could enter this competition.

i went on to the site the other day and looked at the winners..all different ages, races etc then i looked at when all of the other winners would be shown and i saw a comment from someone and that person was not happy at all...

'@BENETTON you build a community on cheating and you really thing that this will work for a long time? In about 2 days nobody will be on your community site because just 20 people are happy (but dissapointed) and all the 65.000 are just discusting BENETTON you are promised us normal people...and you give us again MODELFACES. YOU CLOSED OUR PROTEST BLOG.'

At first i thought the person was a bad loser but loads of other people have the same views
check it out some points are kinda true =/

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