Monday, 29 March 2010

FM to Digital..

In five years, all radios in the UK will switch to digital. This development was first announced some time ago, but it seems many people are still unaware of it. In fact, the government has been warned it is in danger of a public backlash when listeners realise what is happening in 2015.
Peers in the House of Lords say the plan to leave behind FM and AM could backfire when between 50 and 100 million analogue radios become largely redundant and around 20 million car radios stop working, unless they are converted.
The Communications Committee's findings suggest there is "public confusion and industry uncertainty" about the switchover, illustrating its point by insisting that many consumers are still buying analogue radios, even though they will soon become museum pieces.
They have warned of a "major public reaction" against the proposal, particularly when people realise that only 1% of all cars can receive digital, even though 20% of all radio listening takes place on the road.
There are serious concerns about how the elderly or members of disadvantaged communities will cope with the change. The report also criticises the decision to close 6 Music and the Asian Network, suggesting it sends out the wrong signal to listeners.
"No-one can be satisfied with the present position. There is an urgent need for clarity which was emphasised by almost all those who gave us evidence. No way forward is entirely painless but at the very least the public deserve to know what is being planned," stated the committee.

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