Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Ty "Special Kind Of Fool" Album Launch

The Doctor's Orders present
On The Real
Ty “Special Kind Of Fool” (BBE Records) Album Launch Party
9pm - 4am Friday
16th April 2010@ Plan B, 418 Brixton Road, London SW9 7AY(Brixton Tube)
£5 in advance through ticketweb.co.uk / 0844-477-1000
£10 on the door
Ty performing live
With DJ Big Ted
Plus Resident DJsShortee Blitz (Kiss FM / Extended Players)
DJ 279 (Choice Fm)
Spin Doctor (The Doctor's Orders)
Snuff (Speakers Corner / End Of The Weak)
Hosted by MC Prankster
& Southern Hospitality hosting room 2
Dedicated to the sounds of 90’s Swingbeat & R&B
To mark the release of the fourth studio album from the incredible Ty. “Special Kind of Fool” is Tys story. The tale of an artist who after ten years, three critically acclaimed albums (Awkward 2001, Upwards 2003, Closer 2006), collaborations with the likes of Tony Allen, De La Soul, and Estelle, a Mercury nomination amongst other accolades, and a worldwide army of fans, has always followed his heart. He will be performing new and already classic material for this knowledgeable fun loving crowd.
Ty is without a doubt one of the most talented and unique MCs in the UK. Never one to follow the crowd he has always cut his own path, refusing to jump on bandwagons or to fit into musical boxes. Much loved for his lyrical honesty, ability to conjure emotion-fuelled poetry out of every day realities, dynamic live shows, and his eclectic sense of musicality On The Real is in for a real treat as Ty hits the stage with his DJ Big Ted.
Big Ted is as established as Hip-Hop itself in this country. An statesman of the game he has packed clubs, rocked live shows and of course blessed the airwaves with his distinctive style on the wheels of steel. As well as spinning for Ty’s live show he will be blessing us with a club set sure to fill the floor as only he can.
Shortee Blitz is a shining light of the Hip-Hop scene in the UK. Whether supporting traveling US stars, holding it down on one of his weekly Kiss FM show or tearing the roof off clubs all over the globe one thing is for certain and that is that this MOBO award winning DJ is always going to be spinning with a smile on his face. Even more so now he is a resident at for a night dedicated to the Hip-Hop & Soul styles he truly loves.
DJ 279 has been rocking the airwaves since 1992 on London’s Choice FM. With MOBO nominations coming thick and fast `alongside other awards throughout the year and gigs around the world it is fair to say that Numbers has the ear of the underground with every MC worth his weight in gold plaques coming though the show to shout out London. His sets at On The Real have become a highlight of the night and always leave the dance-floors sweating and smiling.
Spin Doctor is the driving force behind the phenomenal success of The Doctor's Orders and while not planning domination of the UK's party scene is most at ease behind a set of decks. The early influence of his 5 older brothers and sisters record collections developed into an obsession with soul tinged music of all styles which he uses to this day when treating dance-floors to his fearless sets of party platters.
DJ Snuff is an esteemed figure in UK Hip-Hop culture. After founding the notorious 'Speakers Corner' event in London he has become a key player in the international Hip-Hop movement 'End Of The Weak'. A true-school scratch DJ and crate digger known worldwide for rocking MC cyphers with the leading names of today and tomorrow, representing the raw no-sellout side of Hip-Hop in his energetic club sets.

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Monday, 29 March 2010

FM to Digital..

In five years, all radios in the UK will switch to digital. This development was first announced some time ago, but it seems many people are still unaware of it. In fact, the government has been warned it is in danger of a public backlash when listeners realise what is happening in 2015.
Peers in the House of Lords say the plan to leave behind FM and AM could backfire when between 50 and 100 million analogue radios become largely redundant and around 20 million car radios stop working, unless they are converted.
The Communications Committee's findings suggest there is "public confusion and industry uncertainty" about the switchover, illustrating its point by insisting that many consumers are still buying analogue radios, even though they will soon become museum pieces.
They have warned of a "major public reaction" against the proposal, particularly when people realise that only 1% of all cars can receive digital, even though 20% of all radio listening takes place on the road.
There are serious concerns about how the elderly or members of disadvantaged communities will cope with the change. The report also criticises the decision to close 6 Music and the Asian Network, suggesting it sends out the wrong signal to listeners.
"No-one can be satisfied with the present position. There is an urgent need for clarity which was emphasised by almost all those who gave us evidence. No way forward is entirely painless but at the very least the public deserve to know what is being planned," stated the committee.

Monday, 22 March 2010


Elzhi is by far my favorite artist in the ever changing world of Hip Hop, his lastest mixtape is decent and has beats by Black Milk, Oh No, MoSS and some dope nice producers!

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Video Killed the Radio....

These days i find myself listening to the radio too often (not a good look) i normally only put it on to try and catch the Gilles Peterson show. A few years ago radio used to be rather decent, and now i cannot stand it!
Choice FM sounds just like Kiss 100 and that sounds like a rubbish mixture of BBC Radio 1 and Capital FM. I think it was only the other day where i heard 3 Lady Gaga tracks 2 Ndubz and 3 Chipmunk tracks in the space of an hour, its not like theres only a handful of artists in the world
oh and that damn Bedrock track..okay now i bet that some of you are thinking why don't you just go on youtube or plug in an mp3...well i could'nt be bothered at all =]

Friday, 19 March 2010


Global Casting.....


was a global casting campaign in order to find 'normal people' to model for them. All you had to do was to upload pictures, videos of yourself and see if people liked you, anybody could enter this competition.

i went on to the site the other day and looked at the winners..all different ages, races etc then i looked at when all of the other winners would be shown and i saw a comment from someone and that person was not happy at all...

'@BENETTON you build a community on cheating and lying...do you really thing that this will work for a long time? In about 2 days nobody will be on your community site because just 20 people are happy (but dissapointed) and all the 65.000 are just discusting BENETTON you are disgusting...you promised us normal people...and you give us again MODELFACES. YOU CLOSED OUR PROTEST BLOG.'

At first i thought the person was a bad loser but loads of other people have the same views
check it out some points are kinda true =/