Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Ty "Special Kind Of Fool" Album Launch

The Doctor's Orders present
On The Real
Ty “Special Kind Of Fool” (BBE Records) Album Launch Party
9pm - 4am Friday
16th April 2010@ Plan B, 418 Brixton Road, London SW9 7AY(Brixton Tube)
£5 in advance through ticketweb.co.uk / 0844-477-1000
£10 on the door
Ty performing live
With DJ Big Ted
Plus Resident DJsShortee Blitz (Kiss FM / Extended Players)
DJ 279 (Choice Fm)
Spin Doctor (The Doctor's Orders)
Snuff (Speakers Corner / End Of The Weak)
Hosted by MC Prankster
& Southern Hospitality hosting room 2
Dedicated to the sounds of 90’s Swingbeat & R&B
To mark the release of the fourth studio album from the incredible Ty. “Special Kind of Fool” is Tys story. The tale of an artist who after ten years, three critically acclaimed albums (Awkward 2001, Upwards 2003, Closer 2006), collaborations with the likes of Tony Allen, De La Soul, and Estelle, a Mercury nomination amongst other accolades, and a worldwide army of fans, has always followed his heart. He will be performing new and already classic material for this knowledgeable fun loving crowd.
Ty is without a doubt one of the most talented and unique MCs in the UK. Never one to follow the crowd he has always cut his own path, refusing to jump on bandwagons or to fit into musical boxes. Much loved for his lyrical honesty, ability to conjure emotion-fuelled poetry out of every day realities, dynamic live shows, and his eclectic sense of musicality On The Real is in for a real treat as Ty hits the stage with his DJ Big Ted.
Big Ted is as established as Hip-Hop itself in this country. An statesman of the game he has packed clubs, rocked live shows and of course blessed the airwaves with his distinctive style on the wheels of steel. As well as spinning for Ty’s live show he will be blessing us with a club set sure to fill the floor as only he can.
Shortee Blitz is a shining light of the Hip-Hop scene in the UK. Whether supporting traveling US stars, holding it down on one of his weekly Kiss FM show or tearing the roof off clubs all over the globe one thing is for certain and that is that this MOBO award winning DJ is always going to be spinning with a smile on his face. Even more so now he is a resident at for a night dedicated to the Hip-Hop & Soul styles he truly loves.
DJ 279 has been rocking the airwaves since 1992 on London’s Choice FM. With MOBO nominations coming thick and fast `alongside other awards throughout the year and gigs around the world it is fair to say that Numbers has the ear of the underground with every MC worth his weight in gold plaques coming though the show to shout out London. His sets at On The Real have become a highlight of the night and always leave the dance-floors sweating and smiling.
Spin Doctor is the driving force behind the phenomenal success of The Doctor's Orders and while not planning domination of the UK's party scene is most at ease behind a set of decks. The early influence of his 5 older brothers and sisters record collections developed into an obsession with soul tinged music of all styles which he uses to this day when treating dance-floors to his fearless sets of party platters.
DJ Snuff is an esteemed figure in UK Hip-Hop culture. After founding the notorious 'Speakers Corner' event in London he has become a key player in the international Hip-Hop movement 'End Of The Weak'. A true-school scratch DJ and crate digger known worldwide for rocking MC cyphers with the leading names of today and tomorrow, representing the raw no-sellout side of Hip-Hop in his energetic club sets.

Open Your Eyes

Monday, 29 March 2010

FM to Digital..

In five years, all radios in the UK will switch to digital. This development was first announced some time ago, but it seems many people are still unaware of it. In fact, the government has been warned it is in danger of a public backlash when listeners realise what is happening in 2015.
Peers in the House of Lords say the plan to leave behind FM and AM could backfire when between 50 and 100 million analogue radios become largely redundant and around 20 million car radios stop working, unless they are converted.
The Communications Committee's findings suggest there is "public confusion and industry uncertainty" about the switchover, illustrating its point by insisting that many consumers are still buying analogue radios, even though they will soon become museum pieces.
They have warned of a "major public reaction" against the proposal, particularly when people realise that only 1% of all cars can receive digital, even though 20% of all radio listening takes place on the road.
There are serious concerns about how the elderly or members of disadvantaged communities will cope with the change. The report also criticises the decision to close 6 Music and the Asian Network, suggesting it sends out the wrong signal to listeners.
"No-one can be satisfied with the present position. There is an urgent need for clarity which was emphasised by almost all those who gave us evidence. No way forward is entirely painless but at the very least the public deserve to know what is being planned," stated the committee.

Monday, 22 March 2010


Elzhi is by far my favorite artist in the ever changing world of Hip Hop, his lastest mixtape is decent and has beats by Black Milk, Oh No, MoSS and some dope nice producers!

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Video Killed the Radio....

These days i find myself listening to the radio too often (not a good look) i normally only put it on to try and catch the Gilles Peterson show. A few years ago radio used to be rather decent, and now i cannot stand it!
Choice FM sounds just like Kiss 100 and that sounds like a rubbish mixture of BBC Radio 1 and Capital FM. I think it was only the other day where i heard 3 Lady Gaga tracks 2 Ndubz and 3 Chipmunk tracks in the space of an hour, its not like theres only a handful of artists in the world
oh and that damn Bedrock track..okay now i bet that some of you are thinking why don't you just go on youtube or plug in an mp3...well i could'nt be bothered at all =]

Friday, 19 March 2010


Global Casting.....


was a global casting campaign in order to find 'normal people' to model for them. All you had to do was to upload pictures, videos of yourself and see if people liked you, anybody could enter this competition.

i went on to the site the other day and looked at the winners..all different ages, races etc then i looked at when all of the other winners would be shown and i saw a comment from someone and that person was not happy at all...

'@BENETTON you build a community on cheating and lying...do you really thing that this will work for a long time? In about 2 days nobody will be on your community site because just 20 people are happy (but dissapointed) and all the 65.000 are just discusting BENETTON you are disgusting...you promised us normal people...and you give us again MODELFACES. YOU CLOSED OUR PROTEST BLOG.'

At first i thought the person was a bad loser but loads of other people have the same views
check it out some points are kinda true =/

smoking marijuana deh pon di carna !!!

i know from time to time (for some all the time) most of us likes to take a moment ok of their daily routine...to sit down roll a joint and get high
but this is just mad, however i wish i was there it would of been jokes!
Israeli students take a break from their studies to master the art of joint rolling. . . . so no damn more!
click the pic to watch the video

Monday, 15 March 2010


In the 'summer' of 2009 i was on my way to work and i was stopped by a guy that wanted to take my picture...fair enough i was rocking a dyed high top a dope shirt and a gameboy...little did i know he was the facehunter guy which my friend Fatima was telling me about. People have been telling me about seeing that very picture on different websites and now..
its in the Facehunter book... good times!

Friday, 12 March 2010

Wylde Bunch

I have known about these guys for awhile now ever since NBA Live 2003 when one of their tracks Our Lyfe was featured on the game, i loved that track and wanted more. The group isnt my normal musical flavor but man i do listen to their tracks near enough everyday, its not for all but you cant beat a lil bit of this every now and again.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Vans Cali..2010 Spring/Summer

Vans California collection is looking rather tasty!
i will be making a few buys without a doubt!

Monday, 8 February 2010

Bad Brains

Yo got these bad boys for sale if anyone wants them
they have been worn once inside the house...
(too big for me i was too on buying them in the 1st place)


10.5 UK
44.5 Euro etc blah blah
Email me if you be interested and we will discuss a price

Sunday, 7 February 2010



ok lets be real they are UGLY but they be Jordans man and the advert is decent
click the photo to watch it

Friday, 5 February 2010

MAYBE....im getting old..just maybe...

Ok im 21 born in the late 80s, grew up in the 90s, wanted to be in the 90s again in the 00s and still wanted to be in the 90s in the beginning of the 10s. I was on Youtube the other day watching some good old 90s cartoons!!
then i turn on the Virgin Box this morning
and there is just some fart on the formally decent kids channels, like Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon etc......what on earth is Ben Ten, Phineas and Ferb, Drake and Josh what are these butters shows?
its just my view on things but its just like the people in cartoon world have lost all of their creative brain cells!
IN MY DAY (now i feel like a very old man) we had some serious cartoons, like proper serious, ones like Doug, Sister Sister, X-men (the original one), Rugrats (when they were babies)
i could go on all day, maybe its just im getting old, or people that are old enough to know that Marques Houston was in Sister Sister share the same view but hey!
I do love the 90s!


This sunday is the J-Dilla Changed My Life at Scala (nearly wrote Cargo...........)!
for the people that go to the event when it comes around, there is always a Tee that is on sale, and this year

King Apparel, Doctors Orders and J-Dilla
have the new TEE
i want one.

If you are interested about the Event just Click here for a mad reason that you haven't heard of the Late GREAT J-Dilla then....just youtube,google him etc you will be very very surprized

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The Sea

Corinne Bailey Rae's new album is beautiful, i can't say much more about it to be honest its not as happy and cheerful as her debut which is understandable considering the death of her husband but this album shows that there is still true UK talent striaght 5 out of 5 from me

beautiful album!

(i actually brought this one)

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Monday, 25 January 2010


I B-Boy (break/break dance) i finally took my lazy self to London Bridge to train a few homies were there a few old faces from some events and my Breakin mentor!
B-Boy Mouse!!! (yes im happy as a mutha f*u*k*r)

Friday, 22 January 2010

Pay Jay

i'm a HUGE Dilla fan and its nearly time for the annual J Dilla tribute night, i have been to two of the three nights and all i can say is, its the best night of the year!
This year there is a change of venue, its been at Cargo but now its going to be at Scala....i hope its just as good!

A night in tribute to the life & work of a true Hip-Hop genius.

7pm-Midnight Sunday 7th February 2009
@ Scala, 275 Pentonville Road, Kings Cross, London N1 9NL

Minimum donation £5 in advance or on the door.
£30 VIP Tickets grant exclusive access to VIP bar and balcony & include an exclusive J-Dilla T-Shirt & CD.

Advance tickets from
www.ticketweb.co.uk / 08444771000.

All proceed from the night will be donated to the J-Dilla Foundation & Lupus UK

DJs performing for free on the night in loving memory are…
Shortee Blitz (Kiss FM / Extended Players)
Mr Thing (BBE / Extended Players)
Spin Doctor (The Doctor’s Orders)
Sarah Love (1xtra / MTV)
Marc Mac (4Hero / Visioneers)
Morgan Spacek
DJ LoK (Dilla breaks set)
Bruce Wayne (Unreleased beats set)

Room 2 hosted by
Hip-Hop Karaoke Dillaoke Special & Livin’ Proof.


I don't get it at all! its madness, the things you can train the body to do is just ridiculous. next time i have training i'm going to try some of this madness, however i may die in the process =/

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Black Milk

Black Milk Presents Caltroit


Black Milk Presents Music From the Color Purple


Oddisee - Odd Winter Ep

If you know about Oddisee you may have heard the Odd Summer EP and Odd Autumn ,now a new edition is coming out soon called Odd Winter i was on his page so i thought to speard the word like butter on toast....lol

"Odd Winter" 32 minutes & 9 seconds 45 MB

Track Listing

01 Ci'iy Life Feat. Tranqill
02 Frostbit
03 Winds From The North
04 Black Broadway Feat. X.O
05 Brain Wash Remix Instr.
06 Riiight Feat. Stik Figa
07 Carry On instr.
08 The Warm Up Feat. Homeboy Sandman
09 Queue With No Coat
10 60901 Instr.
11 All Because She's Gone Instr.
12 It's Over Feat. Tranqill
13 Blizzard Of 09

But just incase u havent heard
heres the link to Odd Summer

Oddisee - Odd Summer Ep

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Jehst @ Plan B

It was off the chain!
next month at On The Real
9pm - 4am Friday 19th February 2010
Klashnekoff is performing!
'The Return Of The Drifter'..................

Thursday, 14 January 2010


The Doctor's Orders present
On The Real
Bringing you true school Hip-Hop & Soul
from Prince & Premier to Motown & Mos Def

9pm - 4am Friday 19th February 2010
@ Plan B, 418 Brixton Road, London SW9 7AY
(Brixton Tube)

£5 in advance through ticketweb.co.uk / 0844-477-1000
£10 on the door

Special Guest
Klashnekoff performing live

With Resident DJs
Shortee Blitz (Kiss FM / Extended Players)
DJ MK (Kiss FM / Extended Players)
Spin Doctor (The Doctor's Orders)
Snuff (Speakers Corner / End Of The Weak)
Hosted by MC Prancster

& Trill London hosting Room 2

The Doctor’s Orders are experts at keeping away the winter blues and for this February special they are bringing a little Caribbean heat to South London’s No.1 Hip-Hop party with a special live appearance from Klashnekoff.

He is joining the UK’s strongest line up of resident for what is sure to be another incredible night of the real soul and Hip-Hop sounds that havs seen this and all The Doctor’s Orders events grow from strength to strength.

Klashnekoff first came to prominence as a member of the much respected Terra Firma crew but it is when he broke through on his own through 2004’s “The Sagas of Klashnekoff” that his light really started to shine! With club banger “Murda” receiving mass support from every DJ worth his salt this was just another step in what has become one of the most exemplary careers in UK Hip-Hop. Mixing emotional beats with thought provoking rhymes his distinctive style that is distinctly British while nodding to his Jamaican heritage and has seen him much in demand working with Hip-Hop’s top table including Just Blaze, Mobb Deep, Ghostface, Kano to name a few. He will be bringing all of that style and swagga to the Plan B stage for a trade mark roof raising set.

Shortee Blitz is a shining light of the Hip-Hop scene in the UK. Whether supporting traveling US stars, holding it down on one of his weekly Kiss FM show or tearing the roof off clubs all over the globe one thing is for certain and that is that this MOBO award winning DJ is always going to be spinning with a smile on his face. Even more so now he is a resident at for a night dedicated to the Hip-Hop & Soul styles he truly loves.

DJ MK first came to prominence through his now infamous mid 90's mixtapes that are still the prize possessions of those wise enough to keep their tape decks well oiled. They now represent the blueprint for the sounds that MK will be spinning at this new night. When away from his day jobs as Roots Manuva's DJ & as Kiss FM's Thursday night Hip-Hop DJ extraordinaire he will be found doing what he does best, rocking crowds with the sounds of his beloved Hip-Hop.

Spin Doctor is the driving force behind the phenomenal success of The Doctor's Orders and while not planning domination of the UK's party scene is most at ease behind a set of decks. The early influence of his 5 older brothers and sisters record collections developed into an obsession with soul tinged music of all styles which he uses to this day when treating dance-floors to his fearless sets of party platters.

Trill is hosted by a pair of brothers that are some of London’s hungriest and most knowledgeable promoters. Their night is dedicated strictly to West Coast and Dirty South
Hip-Hop from Crunk to G-Funk. With residents including
Hip-Hop Karaoke’s Rob Breezy with offers the perfect room 2 alternative for those that want to get crunked up!

For more information, photos, guestlist, etc please contact
Rod Gilmore: info@thedoctorsorders.com 0207-833-9544

Rest In Peace Teddy Pendergrass

We are in era that all of the greats from the past will pass away its upsetting to think about it that way
Rest In Peace

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Piss Take

I can still remember the very 1st time that i saw this, i was thinking, how on earth did Vince Carter get it into his head that he jump over a 7ft2 dude and dunk it after
the dude had nuts on the top of his head!

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Dont Sleep on Diggy


The annual dance and electronica festival returns to the Roundhouse with a warm-up weekend for Sonar 2010. The night will feature past Sonar artists plus a preview of some of the artists who will perform at the Barcelona festival in 2010. DOOM and Laurent Garnier have just been announced to headline - see below for more details.

“A Taste of Sónar” London / Friday March the 5th 2010

A key figure in hip-hop, in Europe for the first time
DOOM is the new alias of the New York producer and rapper Daniel Dumile Thompson, who has previously worked under various pseudonyms including MF DOOM, VIKTOR VAUGHN, DANGER DOOM (with Danger Mouse) and MADVILLAIN (with Madlib). An essential figure for those with a taste for underground hip-hop on an outlandish tip, he always hides behind a Doctor Doom style villain's mask.

“A Taste of Sónar” London / Saturday March the 6th 2010

A new album by a classic among classics
The second name to give a shine to “A Taste of Sónar” London is Laurent Garnier, who will be presenting live the material from his latest album, “Tales of a Kleptomaniac” (PIAS, 2009), on which the renowned French producer experiments with various styles of electronic music including techno, dub and jazz-house.

The Red Bull Music Academy will present a line up of fresh emerging talent to perform in the Studio Theatre.

Expect all time dancefloor classics, striking multimedia performances and some more surprises.


Ticket prices:
Friday 5 March: £28
Saturday 6 March: £28
Weekend Tickets (valid for Friday and Saturday): £50


Saturday, 9 January 2010

Arsenio Hall

I wish that i was there in the audience when this was going on, and that artists like this came together like this!!


Tracks like these are reasons why radio Hip Hop is wack

Friday, 8 January 2010



Im not going to even say anything just listen!
(and download the mixtape)


Thursday, 7 January 2010

Cannot Wait!

I love Corinne Bailey Rae's music, i have rinsed the life out of her 1st album, watched live performances and now after the sad death of her husband she a new album that is meant to drop within the next 2 months
its called 'The Sea'
im actually going to go to HMV and buy a album *then the roots new album and Black Milk's one(s)*

Foreign Exchange

Pussy Clart!!!

I would like...

Zoe Kravitz please!

Just Blaze

One of the first basketball sneakers Nike ever produced; the Nike Blazer was released in 1972. With a simple design and an extremely large swoosh; the Blazer was created to compete with the Adidas and Converse sneakers that were dominating the hardwood. Available in leather, canvas and suede, the Nike Blazer also features an outsole that is fused to the upper. And, they we’re originally worn by NBA legend George “The Iceman” Garvin.

I play basketball, wear Nike, and Blazers are the dopest sneaker ever! ever, ever, ever, ever!
they are comfortable as f**k, look sexy ( i have a sneaker fetish) but anyway
from SB Blazers to Blazer Hi Premuims BLAZERS ARE THE SHIZZLE!